For probably over 30 years have had great service. Before we buy a new car, we have always checked with Steve's father and now Steve, to make sure they can service our cars. And also check with the dealership to make sure that we are not obligated to use their service, unless covered by warranty. And better yet, when in doubt if something might still be under warranty Steve will investigate and if it is will call to tell us to go to the dealership.

5 Geiling Auto Service 6/22/2018

Good quick service as usual.

5 Geiling Auto Service 6/18/2018

As usual, I got great service at a reasonable price. Thanks, Geiling!

4.5 Geiling Auto Service 6/18/2018

Excellent service. Never have to question them. Their assessments are always correct.

5 Geiling Auto Service 6/16/2018

My wife's car had an emergency problem and they had it fixed the same day. Great service. Thanks.

5 Geiling Auto Service 6/14/2018

Honest, professional

Thanks for taking the time to review us! Geiling Auto Service
5 Geiling Auto Service 6/14/2018

Mr. Geiling My husband are always well please with your service on your cars. Thank you for all your help. Beverly & Anthony Viloria

4.5 Geiling Auto Service 6/12/2018

Coming here for my car since 2005. Totally trustworthy, excellent mechanics, prices competitive, in and out in two hours today for AC top-up, wiper replacement, oil change, and complete auto check--nothing else needed doing. Free coffee, and a chance to read the latest AAA Green Book, of whose existence I was unaware, despite having been a AAA member for many years.

5 Geiling Auto Service 6/4/2018

Brought in an old Honda with multiple issues. all were fixed in a timely manner AND with a 2 year warranty. Geiling is great. Go there.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a nice review Geiling Auto Service
5 Geiling Auto Service 5/21/2018

Service was excellent as usual. All repairs made as requested, additional repairs were also made upon recommendation by Geiling in accordance with maintenance up keep on the vehicle. Would recommend Geiling to anyone for first class automobile services.

Thanks for the wonderful review Mr Smith. It's always a pleasure Geiling Auto Service
5 Geiling Auto Service 5/18/2018